New gallery: Samba parade in Kallio Kukkii festival

Império do Papagaio in Kallio Kukkii Festival

Link to Império do Papagaio in Kallio Kukkii Festival Gallery

Kallio Kukkii Festival was arranged 13.5.-22.5. The festival offers tens of different cultural events organized by various local associations, communities and enterprises. Part of this festival was also the parade that was arranged last Sunday, and the main focus of the parade was The Samba School Império do Papagaio.

This parade was also practice for the XXI Helsinki Samba Carnaval that will be arranged on 10.-11.6. Visiting it is highly recommended! I have photographing the parade since 2003, and will be again this year. I have three galleries (1, 2 and 3) from last year.

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