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New gallery: Plan Ice Gala 2012

Kiira Korpi

Kiira Korpi / Link to Plan Ice Gala 2012 Gallery

Plan Ice Gala 2012 – Because I am a girl (Plan Jäägaala 2012 – Koska olen tyttö) was arranged on last Thursday. The target of the Because I am a girl campaign is to promote the rights of all children and especially support the girls’ education in developing countries. The best Finnish skaters and many top musicians performed in the gala. The gala was arranged by Plan Finland and Finnish Figure Skating Association.

The skaters were: Kiira Korpi, Laura Lepistö, Juulia Turkkila, Alisa Mikonsaari, Cecilia Törn, Viktor Zubik, Julian Lagus, Ari-Pekka Nurmenkari, Matthias Versluis, Valtter Virtanen, Olesia Karmi & Max Lindholm and Henna indholm & Ossi Kanervo. Also following synchronized skating teams performed in the gala: Marigold IceUnity, Rockettes, Team Unique and Team Mystique.

I photographed only the skaters, and you can see the best photos in Plan Ice Gala 2012 gallery.

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