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My Helsinki exhibition in Lauttasaari

Helsinki exhibition by Mikael Rantalainen in Kaken Kehys in November 2013

My Helsinki exhibition in Kaken Kehys in November 2013

I have currently (1.-30.11.) exhibition in the window of Kaken Kehys in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. I have there 15 landscape photos from Helsinki. I have taken all photos during the last 12 months 🙂 All photos are for sale, and it is possible to buy photos also during the exhibition, so the photos may change during the exhibition. Please visit the exhibition after sunset (when the sky is not any more reflecting from the window). You can also buy my Helsinki calendar from Kaken Kehys.

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My exhibitions in Helsinki

My prints in Art Forum Helsinki 2012

My prints in Art Forum Helsinki 2012

One and half weeks ago I participated to the Art Forum Helsinki 2012 in the Helsinki Exhibition And Convention Centre. I had there 12 acrylic prints, that you can see in the photo above.

Window of Kaken Kehys in Lauttasaari, Helsinki

My exhibition in the window of Kaken Kehys in Lauttasaari, Helsinki

My landscape photos from Helsinki are currently exhibited in the window of Kaken Kehys in Lauttasaari (Lauttasaarentie 17).

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New website for landscape photos: Maiseman Lumo

Maiseman Lumo: Maisemakuvia Suomesta ja maailmalta.

I have launched a new website for my landscape photos: Maiseman Lumo (this new site is in Finnish). I will post only landscape photos and landscape photography related articles to Maiseman Lumo. I have there also information about my exhibitions and landscape photography courses.

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Lookin’ good, Finland! exhibition by Kreative Generation

Jäämaailma, Lauttasaari, Helsinki

Jäämaailma, Lauttasaari, Helsinki

Kreative Generation arranges art exhibition next September in Suvilahti. The exhibition works are partially selected based on facebook voting. So if you like my photos that I have submitted to Kreative Generation (they are visible in this blog post), please vote for them! Unfortunately it is not possible to give direct link to my photos in the facebook voting gallery, but my photos are numbers 50, 51, and 52 (out of 147). Note: before you can vote, you must like Kreative Generation’s facebook page.

Kansan teatteri

Kansan teatteri, Eduskuntatalo, Helsinki

Vote is on until 30.6. The selected photos will be displayed in Kattilahalli, Suvilahti on 14.-20.09. Here is the invitation to the Lookin’ good, Finland! event in September.

Talven aikaa Espalla, Helsinki

Talven aikaa Espalla, Helsinki

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“Kamera Stadissa” photography exhibition in Kameraseura

Winter magic in Esplanadi

Winter magic in Esplanadi

Kameraseura is arranging photography exhibition about Helsinki called Kamera Stadissa. I got one landscape photo, the above cityscape, accepted to this exhibition.

Visiting this exhibition is highly recommended! You can see quite diverse photos of Helsinki and urban life. Exhibition is open Tuesday – Friday at 12–16 in Kamera gallery (Lastenkodinkuja 1) until 27.5. Exhibition has also Facebook page.

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My Iceland exhibition in Finlandia Hall on 17.10.

Sunrise in Námafjall Geothermal Area near Mývatn

Sunrise in Námafjall Geothermal Area near Mývatn

I will have one day landscape photography exhibition in Finlandia Hall on 17.10.2010 during the The Nature Photograph of the Year event (further information in Finnish). The event will be open 10:30-20, and the entrance fee for the event is 5 euros. In addition to my exhibition, you can see the best nature photographs of the year, and seven other nature photography exhibitions. You can also see several photography presentations (most of them are in Finnish, but some of them are in English, like the presentation by Jim Brandenburg), but you need to pay more (9-37 euros).

I will have 8-10 landscape prints in my Iceland exhibition. There will be four aerial photographs, they are mostly amazing river details. The rest of the landscape photos are taken during my 10 day tour into Icelandic wilderness. I participated to the landscape photography tour arranged by Daniel Bergmann. The target of this trip was to catch the various locations in the best possible light, so we were sleeping in tents and huts that allowed staying overnight near the photogenic locations. This also allowed us to be flexible with the locations and route according to variable Icelandic weather conditions. Camping is also the only alternative if you want to stay overnight in the interior of Iceland (Highland).

All of my aerial photos from Iceland are already visible in these galleries: Gallery I and Gallery II. I’m still processing the photos from the ten day tour, and they will be added to my site in few weeks.

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