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New gallery: Spring Ice II

Pack ice in Lauttasaari, Helsinki

Link to Spring Ice Gallery II / Pack ice in Lauttasaari, Helsinki

The last two weeks have been rather photogenic here in Helsinki. The sea ice has melted and there has been lots of interesting subjects to photograph: icicles, packed ice and drift ice 🙂

Suomenlinna, Helsinki

Sunset in Suomenlinna, Helsinki

In this gallery you can see the photos that I have taken on six occasions during last two weeks: I made three trips to Suomenlinna and three trips to the southern tip of Lauttasaari. One Suomenlinna trip was part of my landscape photography course in Kameraseura. I will write more about my course in few days.

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New gallery: Above the Rooftops of Helsinki


Lasipalatsi / Link to Above the Rooftops of Helsinki Gallery

These Helsinki cityscapes have been taken from four different places: the clock tower of Helsinki Central railway station, the tower of Helsinki Olympic Stadium, Hotel Torni, and roof terrace of Sokos Hotel by Helsinki Central railway station.

View from Hotel Torni to the north, Helsinki, Finland

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Landscape photography course in March

Lauttasaari spring sunset on 26.03.2009

Kameraseura will arrange landscape photography course next March (25.-27.3). I can recommend this course, as I will be the teacher 🙂 The course language will be Finnish, but you can participate to the course even if you do not speak perfect Finnish (if you request, you can have part of the material in English, and also the questions can be asked in English).

The course will be weekend course: on Friday evening we will go through the theory of landscape photography and look landscape images from the course participants, on (late) Saturday afternoon we will have field trip to some photogenic location, on Sunday afternoon we will review Saturday’s images and continue the theory.

I will go through the landscape photographer’s equipment (camera, lenses, tripod,..), but the main emphasis of the course will be on the art of landscape photography (choosing the location, choosing the right time, composition, use of light, camera settings, what filters to use,…).

Ice details in Lauttasaari on 26.03.2009

The destination of Saturday’s photography trip will be decided on Friday based on the weather forecast and the snow/ice situation. Possible destinations are e.g. Suomenlinna, southern tip of Lauttasaari, or Vantaanjoki/Ruutinkoski (near Haltiala). Sunset on that day is around 18:45, so if the weather is sunny, we will photograph sunset. Digital camera and tripod are needed (I will have two tripods for loan). And if the weather is cold, also lot’s of warm clothes are needed, as we will be few hours outside 🙂

You can book the course in Kameraseura website. This course (and other Kameraseura spring courses) will become available on 10.1.2011 at 10:00. The price of this course is 100€ (85€ for Kameraseura members).

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Today’s winter sunset

Vattuniemi, Lauttasaari, Helsinki

Here are six sunset photos that I took today. Quite nice sunset 🙂 And once again, the ice formations are totally different what I have photographed so far this winter. All these photos are from Lauttasaari, Helsinki.
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Today’s icy seascapes

Waiting for sunrise, Lauttasaari, Helsinki

Here are six landscape photos that I took today. At sunrise time there was about -13°C, and fog was rising from the sea 🙂 Because of this cold, the sea is also freezing fast and creating nice ice formations (although walking on those ice covered stones is not so nice….). All these photos are from Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Sunrise, Lauttasaari, Helsinki

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Icy seascapes are here :)

Sunset in Lauttasaari, Helsinki

Here are three sunset photos from yesterday and two sunrise photos from today. All are from Vattuniemi, Lauttasaari, Helsinki. The best landscape photography time in Helsinki has arrived 🙂

Sunset in Lauttasaari, Helsinki

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New Iceland landscape galleries and trip report

Link to Iceland Landscape Gallery I

Link to Iceland Landscape Gallery II

My photos from the 10 day landscape photography tour are now finally visible 🙂 As I have earlier told you, I did participate to landscape photography tour in August 2010 by Daniel Bergmann. Christopher Lund was a second guide on the tour. Thanks to them for excellent arrangements! The tour group was small as there were only 7 customers (one from Australia, one from England, one from Canada, three from US and me). We stayed five nights in tents, three nights in huts, and two nights in hotel/motel.

We started our tour in South Iceland, and our first photography stop was Seljalandsfoss. From our camping place we did trips e.g. to Jökulsárlón lagoon and Virkisjökull. The Jökulsárlón lagoon was very interesting place: the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier is calving icebergs continuously to the lagoon, where they melt and finally when they are small enough, they drift to ocean through small river. The lagoon and the nearby beach are definitely worth visiting, but they are also quite difficult places to photograph. This time the lagoon was filled with icebergs, so isolating individual icebergs was almost impossible.

Jökulsárlón Lagoon, Iceland

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Landscapes from Iceland are still coming…

Sunset near Álftavatn, Iceland

Selecting and editing the best Iceland photos has been taking longer than expected (during the 10 day tour I took over 4000 photos, and I plan to show ~100 best photos)… But the delay of couple months should not be a big problem. After all, I waited almost three years to get to Iceland! I tried to register to Daniel Bergmann‘s camping tour for summer 2008 in September 2007, but already at that time the tour for 2008 was fully booked! The Daniel’s camping tour to did not suit to my timetables during summer 2009, but this year I finally managed to participate his tour 🙂

Below are some additional samples (10 photos) of what is coming to my site within two weeks.
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My landscape photography presentation in Turku

Kallahdenniemi, Helsinki, January 2008

I will be giving a photography presentation after two weeks (18.11.) in Turun Seudun Luonnonkuvaajat (Nature photographers in Turku area). I will show my landscape photos: first the icy winter landscapes from Helsinki and then the landscapes from Iceland.

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My Iceland exhibition in Finlandia Hall on 17.10.

Sunrise in Námafjall Geothermal Area near Mývatn

Sunrise in Námafjall Geothermal Area near Mývatn

I will have one day landscape photography exhibition in Finlandia Hall on 17.10.2010 during the The Nature Photograph of the Year event (further information in Finnish). The event will be open 10:30-20, and the entrance fee for the event is 5 euros. In addition to my exhibition, you can see the best nature photographs of the year, and seven other nature photography exhibitions. You can also see several photography presentations (most of them are in Finnish, but some of them are in English, like the presentation by Jim Brandenburg), but you need to pay more (9-37 euros).

I will have 8-10 landscape prints in my Iceland exhibition. There will be four aerial photographs, they are mostly amazing river details. The rest of the landscape photos are taken during my 10 day tour into Icelandic wilderness. I participated to the landscape photography tour arranged by Daniel Bergmann. The target of this trip was to catch the various locations in the best possible light, so we were sleeping in tents and huts that allowed staying overnight near the photogenic locations. This also allowed us to be flexible with the locations and route according to variable Icelandic weather conditions. Camping is also the only alternative if you want to stay overnight in the interior of Iceland (Highland).

All of my aerial photos from Iceland are already visible in these galleries: Gallery I and Gallery II. I’m still processing the photos from the ten day tour, and they will be added to my site in few weeks.

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