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Landscape calendar 2011 for sale / Maisemakalenteri 2011 myynnissä

For several years I have made few landscape calendars, that I have been giving as Christmas gifts to my friends. This year I decided to print a little bit larger batch, and have also some calendars for sale. Now you can get my landscapes easily to your wall by buying my calendar 🙂

Landscape Calendar 2011 / Maisemakalenteri 2011

Landscape Calendar 2011 / Maisemakalenteri 2011

You can see all the calendar photos in the picture below. Six photos are from Iceland (from my trip last August), three winter photos are from Lauttasaari (Helsinki), two from Riisitunturi (Posio) and one from Konttainen (Kuusamo). Size of the calendar is A3 (42 x 29,7 cm). Calendar has Finnish name days and holidays.

Price of the calendar is 15 € + postage. Order the calendar now by sending me email. The possible payment methods are Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.), advance payment to my bank account or bill. Calendars will be delivered 13.-16.12. (When I will run out calendars, I will edit this post.)

Landscape Calendar 2011 / Maisemakalenteri 2011

Landscape calendar pictures / Maisemakalenterin kuvat

Jo useita vuosia olen tehnyt kuvistani maisemakalenterin, jota olen antanut ystävilleni joululahjaksi. Tämä vuonna päätin tulostuttaa hieman isomman erän, ja nyt minulla on myös kalentereita myynnissä. Kaikki kalenterin maisemakuvat on nähtävissä yllä. Kuusi kuvaa on Islannista, kolme Lauttasaaresta, kaksi Posiolta, ja yksi Kuusamosta.

Kalenterin koko on A3 (42 x 29,7 cm), ja siinä on suomalaiset nimipäivät ja juhlapyhät. Tilaa kalenteri lähettämällä minulle sähköpostia, kalenterin hinta on 15 euroa + postikulut. Kalenterin voit etukäteen tililleni, tai laskulla. Kalenterit toimitetaan 13.-16.12.

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Landscape photography locations in Kuusamo

I have made four photography trips to Kuusamo since 2003. Based on the experiences in these trips, I decided to collect here some info about my favourite photography locations in Kuusamo.


Iivaara sunset

View from Iivaara in summer

  • About 1.5 km walk from the parking lot (Google map link) is required to reach the top of Iivaara.
  • Iivaara (info in Finnish) is very good location for sunset photography during summer and autumn, as you can see sun setting over several small lakes.
  • I have not visited Iivaara during winter, and I assume that the road to the parking lot is not maintained during winter time.

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New galleries: Winter Landscapes from Lapland

Myllykoski in Kuusamo

Winter Landscapes from Lapland Gallery I

Sunset at top of Konttainen

Winter Landscapes from Lapland Gallery II

The images of these galleries were photographed during 11 days at the end of February / beginning of March. At the beginning of trip I participated to three day Winter Landscape Photography course arranged by Kuusamon Kansanopisto. The teachers of the course were Paavo Hamunen and Pekka Punkari. The rest of time I photographed according to my own schedule.

During these 11 days, I walked about 30-35 km with snowshoes and climbed to top of three different fells (Konttainen twice, Valtavaara and Riisitunturi once). Riisitunturi had the best snow in trees (“tykkylumi” in Finnish). Here you can see one prime example of that. Other places that I visited were: Kiutaköngäs, Kirintövaara, Ruka Peak, Niskakoski, Myllykoski, Aallokkokoski, and Jyrävä.

In the middle of trip it was continuously cloudy and snowing for six days. If you climbed to top of some fell during that time, you could not see any distant scenery, you could photograph only the trees at the top of fell.

Last three days were mostly sunny and the last day at the top Riisitunturi was probably the best day of the trip. I was prepared to go there to photograph the sunrise, but it was fully cloudy at 5 am, so I continued sleeping and went to Riisitunturi for afternoon and sunset. Sunset was luckily spectacular 🙂

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Winter landscapes from Lapland are coming…

Myllykoski in Kuusamo

Myllykoski in Kuusamo

I’m currently processing photos from 11 day trip to Kuusamo, so check this blog again after few days!

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