Landscape photography presentation in Kameraseura

Lauttasaari, Helsinki, December 2009

Sunrise in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, December 2009

I will be giving a landscape photography presentation next week in KameraseuraInternational Evening meeting. My presentation will be in English. In this presentation I will first discuss shortly about cameras, lenses, and other equipment needed for landscape photography. Then I will discuss about the art of landscape photography, i.e. how to plan your photography, how to work with light, basics of composition and other issues to be considered when taking photos. Finally I will show my landscape photos, the emphasis is on the photos taken this winter (Kuusamo, frosty Helsinki and winter seascapes).

If you are a member of Kameraseura, or consider joining, you are welcome to come and listen my presentation! It will be on next Wednesday (5.5.2010) at 6 pm in Kameraseura (Lastenkodinkatu 1).

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