New gallery: Winter Landscapes from Lapland and Kuusamo 2013

Riisitunturi National Park, Posio, Finland

Link to Winter Landscapes from Lapland and Kuusamo 2013 gallery

I visited Kuusamo at the end of February. I stayed in Kuusamo eight days: First five days I was teaching at the winter landscape photography course arranged by Kuusamo-opisto. The last three days I photographed according to my own schedule.

It was not very cold, so the rapids were not very photogenic, but the Riisitunturi and Konttainen had excellent snow in trees (“tykkylumi” in Finnish). So during these eight days, I photographed mostly “tykkylumi”. I climbed to three times both to the top of Konttainen and Riisitunturi fells. Other places that I visited were: Ruka Peak, Myllykoski, Käylänkoski, and Kiveskoski. Full moon was visible during my last day, and I went to Riisitunturi to photograph it. The last four photos in the gallery are photographed in the moonlight at the top Riisitunturi 🙂

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