New gallery: Winter Landscapes from Helsinki 2013-2014

Full moon over Suomenlinna Church / Link to Winter Landscapes from Helsinki 2013-2014 gallery

Last winter was very short in Helsinki. Some people complained that there was hardly any in winter in Helsinki. I like to photograph winter landscapes in Helsinki when the sea is freezing, and the sea did froze in January. There were 10 days that were very photogenic 🙂 So from the photography point of view, I’m satisfied with the last winter.

My best photos from last winter are in this Winter Landscapes from Helsinki 2013-2014 gallery. The photo locations in Helsinki that are included to this gallery are: Lauttasaari, Suomenlinna, Kallahdenniemi, Uutela and Market Square / South Harbour. During this winter I was teaching again in Kameraseura‘s advanced landscape photography course. We had 12+ field trips during the winter, so many photos are from these course trips.

Tugboat Hector, South Harbour, Helsinki, Finland

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