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A new iPhone application for Tilt and Shift lens users

Lauttasaari, Helsinki / Taken with Canon TS-E 17mm f/4 L

Lauttasaari, Helsinki / Taken with Canon TS-E 17mm f/4 L and the plane of focus aligned with the ground

Tilt and Shift lenses are special lenses for landscape and architecture photography. I’m e.g. using Canon TS-E 17mm f/4 L and Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5 L II lenses. The T/S lenses allow adjusting the plane of focus quite freely. The plane of focus does not need to aligned with the sensor plane, you can set it even perpendicular to the sensor plane. This can be used e.g. to align the plane of focus with the ground level. This is a good tutorial about T/S lenses.

All T/S lenses are manual focus lenses, and if you use the tilt feature, the focusing (e.g. aligning focus plane with ground) can be tricky. There are some pre-calculated tables (link to pdf table) that tell you the needed tilt based on camera height and focal length. You can also focus the T/S lenses without any aids, just by iteratively adjusting the lens tilt and focus. But that can be time consuming.

Tilt Calculator with manual body tilt (body is level)

Tilt Calculator with manual body tilt (body is level)

Guillaume Sébire, a friend of mine, has made Tilt Calculator application to iPhone (link to iTunes) to determine the needed tilt. You input the focal length, camera height to the ground (or to be precise the hinge line distance, see the last image), and camera body tilt to the application (I’m not using focus distance input). Based on this information the application calculates the needed tilt and focus distance. It has even automatic body tilt measurement: you just align your iPhone to your camera body (e.g. put the iPhone against the LCD display), and application measures the body tilt automatically (see image below).
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Advance notice: My landscape photography course in Kameraseura next October

Vanhankaupunginlahti, Helsinki

Vanhankaupunginlahti, Helsinki

Kameraseura will arrange again a landscape photography course next autumn (14.-16.10.). The main emphasis of my course will be on the art of landscape photography (choosing location, right time, composition, use of light, camera settings, what filters to use,…). But I will also go through the landscape photographer’s equipment (camera, lenses, tripod,..).

The course structure will be similar as in my previous course (my recap from the previous course): On Friday evening we will go through the basics of landscape photography and look 1-2 landscape images from the course participants. On Saturday we will have field trip to some photogenic location. And on Sunday afternoon we will review Saturday’s images and continue the theory.

The destination of Saturday’s photography trip will be decided on Friday based on the weather forecast, and how good autumn colors we have.

You can book the course in Kameraseura website. This course (and other Kameraseura autumn courses) will become visible after summer. If you send me email, I will notify you when my course becomes available in Kameraseura web shop (my previous course was sold out about one month in advance).

UPDATE: The sale of Kameraseura autumn courses starts on 17.8.

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Landscape photography presentation in Kameraseura

Lauttasaari, Helsinki, December 2009

Sunrise in Lauttasaari, Helsinki, December 2009

I will be giving a landscape photography presentation next week in KameraseuraInternational Evening meeting. My presentation will be in English. In this presentation I will first discuss shortly about cameras, lenses, and other equipment needed for landscape photography. Then I will discuss about the art of landscape photography, i.e. how to plan your photography, how to work with light, basics of composition and other issues to be considered when taking photos. Finally I will show my landscape photos, the emphasis is on the photos taken this winter (Kuusamo, frosty Helsinki and winter seascapes).

If you are a member of Kameraseura, or consider joining, you are welcome to come and listen my presentation! It will be on next Wednesday (5.5.2010) at 6 pm in Kameraseura (Lastenkodinkatu 1).

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