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Finlandia Trophy 2010: Ladies, Free Skating

Kiira Korpi

Here are my favorites (16 photos) from Finlandia Trophy 2010 Ladies – Free Skating competition from today. Akiko Suzuki won the Finlandia Trophy’s ladies competition, Kiira Korpi was second and Elena Leonova was third.

From the camera setting points of view, skating is quite simple to photograph: use fast lens and full aperture (in these photos F2.8 or F2) and fast shutter speed to stop the movement (1/500 – 1/800 seconds). But the act of skating photography is not simple: Ice skaters move fast, they are typically too close or too far away (for your lens), eyes are closed, hand is in front of face,… And even the AF has misses the focus occasionally. So the success rate is quite low, and you need to prepared to shoot a lot.
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