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New gallery: Summer Views from Helsinki 2013

Helsinki Cathedral from Valkosaari, Helsinki, Finland / Link to Summer Views from Helsinki 2013 gallery

Helsinki Cathedral from Valkosaari / Link to Summer Views from Helsinki 2013 gallery

Summer is over, so it is time to post a new gallery of photos that I have photographed in Helsinki during summer 2013. During earlier summers I have been little bit lazy to photograph urban sunsets in Helsinki, so this year I decided to take my camera and tripod more often with me to Helsinki nights. I managed to photograph the sun setting exactly behind the Helsinki Cathedral, and the moon exactly behind the Suomenlinna Church 🙂 Unfortunately the moon was not full, but it is good to have some challenge also next summer… You can see some of these photos in my exhibitions during next months: in Art Forum Helsinki in October and in Kaken Kehys in November.

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New gallery: East Finland – Summer Landscapes

Ukko-Koli, Lieksa, Finland

Link to East Finand – Summer Landscape Gallery / Ukko-Koli, Lieksa, Finland

In August 2011 I visited Koli. I stayed in Koli and surrounding area about one week. During three mornings I went to photograph sunrise at the top of Koli. That meant that wake up was before 4 am….

I visited also Pisa nature protection area (Juankoski), Palvinsuo National Park (Lieksa / Ilomantsi) and Kolvananuuro Nature Reserve (Joensuu). On my way back I stopped in Punkaharju.

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New gallery: Marimekko Fashion Show 2010

Marimekko Fashion Show 2010 Gallery

Link to Marimekko Fashion Show 2010 Gallery

Publishing this gallery got delayed almost one year, but better later than never 🙂 So here are photos from the Marimekko summer fashion show 2010.

Marimekko will arrange 2011 summer fashion show (Marimekon juhlavuoden kesänäytös) in Esplanadi park tomorrow. I will published photos from that show (hopefully…) next week.

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New galleries: Life in Helsinki – Summer Galleries

Katajanokka / Link to Life in Helsinki - Summer Gallery I

These two galleries contain varied photos from the summer Helsinki. The first photos are from the May Day celebrations, and the last photos are from Herring Market (Silakkamarkkinat) in October. There are also photos from historical parade, Suomenlinna, Esplanadi park, Seurasaari Midsummer party, and The Night of the Arts event.

Rautatientori / Link to Life in Helsinki - Summer Gallery II

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New gallery: Above the Rooftops of Helsinki


Lasipalatsi / Link to Above the Rooftops of Helsinki Gallery

These Helsinki cityscapes have been taken from four different places: the clock tower of Helsinki Central railway station, the tower of Helsinki Olympic Stadium, Hotel Torni, and roof terrace of Sokos Hotel by Helsinki Central railway station.

View from Hotel Torni to the north, Helsinki, Finland

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Landscape photography locations in Kuusamo

I have made four photography trips to Kuusamo since 2003. Based on the experiences in these trips, I decided to collect here some info about my favourite photography locations in Kuusamo.


Iivaara sunset

View from Iivaara in summer

  • About 1.5 km walk from the parking lot (Google map link) is required to reach the top of Iivaara.
  • Iivaara (info in Finnish) is very good location for sunset photography during summer and autumn, as you can see sun setting over several small lakes.
  • I have not visited Iivaara during winter, and I assume that the road to the parking lot is not maintained during winter time.

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