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New gallery: Viapori Trophy Race 2013

Link to Viapori Trophy Race 2013 gallery

Link to Viapori Trophy Race 2013 gallery

Viapori Trophy Race (Viaporin Tuoppi) is the biggest sailing competition for wooden sailing boats in the Nordic countries. There were more than twenty classes and around 200 boats in the race. Viapori Trophy Race was sailed around the Suomenlinna sea fortress and Pihlajasaari. I photographed this race from small motor boat. Currently this gallery contains 32 photos, but I will add more photos later.

These images are for sale, so if you want to buy some prints or digital files, please contact me! As these photos were photographed from a moving boat the available maximum print size varies (but typically the maximum available inkjet and acrylic print size will 30×40 … 50-70 cm, canvas prints can be larger).

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